Tieguanyin Wang Tea - Jade and Amber Oolong - Reviews

Tieguanyin Wang Tea - Jade and Amber Oolong

Jade Jipin Grade - The best 08/09/2017
By Gary (Hoover)
I got my oolong and I'm going to tell you it's was truly the best by far I have ever had. Thank you for suggesting those. I will be getting my oolong from you for sure. How delicious it was. Thanks again.
AA Amber - Like magic! 04/17/2017
By Michelle (Keizer)
The leaves are huge and gorgeous as they unfurl in the water-- it's almost like magic! I'm so used to the dust sold as tea in the States, it's an adventure to order these teas because they are so utterly different.

This tea has a nice, (almost grassy?) taste to it and I can get two or three cups out of one small pinch of the dried leaves. I'm not an expert at judging or describing...but it's such a delight to experience what it obviously means to drink "real tea".
AA Amber - Very good 01/08/2017
By Stella (Newport)
This was the first time I had any experience with oolong tea. It was very good. Not a strong overwhelming flavor. Wasn't sure how much to use so I started out conservative. As it turns out, we use a whole bag to make a pot of tea. We even let it brew for a good five minutes. We do use the leaves over. When it starts to look weak we open a new pack and start fresh. I would buy this again.
Jade Jipin Grade - Very fine 08/20/2016
By Stig (Copenhagen)
The Moli Fengyan is for my wife who hasn't opened the bag yet. Usually it is very satisfying.

The Fenghuang Dancong is aromatic, but not with the characteristic peach and apricot-like notes. I rate it 3,5.

The Tieguanyin King grade is excellent as always! I rate it 5.

The Tieguanyin Jipin grade is very fine when brewed in the Yixing pot, but the King gade is noticeably richer. I rate it 4.
AA Amber Grade - Excellent 07/25/2016
By Noreen (Lenexa)
Your tea was great! Excellent value and quality. I was able to steep it several times and it was excellent each time!
Jade AAA Grade - 5 out of 5 06/01/2016
By Joan (La Jolla)
Tea is very good. Can make a lot of cups out of one bag and taste is good.
Jipin Grade - Very fine in yixing pot 05/18/2016
By Stig (Copenhagen)
The Tieguanyin Jipin tasted very fine with a distinct floral character when made in my 150 ml Yi Xing pot, but tasted of next to nothing when steeped in a glass.
Jade AAA Grade - Not as good 10/02/2015
By Joan
This batch is not as good as previous ones. Barely makes one good cup, not even two.
Jade AAA Grade - Great tea! 08/29/2015
By Joan
I have been drinking Jade AAA for over a year. It spoils you for all else. Amazing stuff. Won't drink any other tea now.

Of course the quality goes up and down a bit as it is a plant and not a machine. Sometimes it is stronger or more aromatic than other times. Also the sooner I use it after receiving a batch, the stronger the taste I think I have noticed.

I put half a plastic pouch into my ceramic tea strainer that comes with its Chinese mug and pour boiling water in from a height of almost three feet to cool it just right and let it sit in the water about! a minute or so depending on the batch.

After drinking one cup, I leave the leaves in the strainer and just pour more hot water in the next day. I can repeat this for several days though the last batch is quite weak tasting but let's face it, the tea is expensive.

But cannot find another tea that tastes so exquisite.
Jade AAA Grade - AAA Power 08/14/2015
By James (Niagara Falls)
This Jade AAA is a real treat to the senses and lasts me at least 5 infusions. It makes me feel great, alert and invigorated long after consumed. You can drink this tea all day and maybe into the following morning. It'll taste great the next morning too in case you forget about it. I have done this multiple times and it tasted just fine the following day.