Pu-erh Tea - Reviews

Pu-erh Tea

Shunji Mincha - Great 02/16/2018
By James
I've been ordering this tea from Julian for a few years and it is consistently great. I can get a few good steeps before it's spent.
Shunji Mingcha - Always good 09/30/2017
By James (Honolulu)
I buy enough to last me for a few months. I tried a variety and I'm always pleased with the delivery time and the quality of the tea. I don't know where else I would be able to try so many varieties at a reasonable cost and with this level of quality. That's why I keep buying from them
Junda Mudan Wang - Warming 04/13/2017
By Chris (Preston)
This is now one of my favourite teas! It has a lovely aroma and a very warming sensation on the stomach. Perfect cuppa just before going to bed.
Shunji Mingcha - Excellent 06/15/2016
By Shantell (Katy)
Excellent grade tea!!! Will purchase more. Thanks!
Junda Mudan Wang - Really nice 08/29/2015
By James (Niagara Falls)
This stuff is really nice. All the white tea wonderments WITH a subtle, earthy pu-erh smell/taste as well.

This is (being freshly made in 2014) the lightest feeling/tasting pu-erh you offer and I will say it is now my favorite. I am sure it will get heavier as it matures over time but wow, what a tea.

I hope you keep this stocked as I will be buying more for sure.
Shunji Mingcha - Like a puerh 08/18/2015
By Colin (Aberdeen)
Tasted like Puer. Was a little confused as to how i was supposed to brew the Puer squares. No instruction given. Felt like trying to dissolve a frozen Oxo cube!
Shunji Mincha - Superb 08/08/2015
By Kelly (Perkinsville)
I always look forward to the arrival of your tea shipment. Quality is superb, as usual.
Yushangming - Very nice 06/15/2015
By James (Niagara Falls)
The cake is very nice indeed. While I love the ripe pu-erh you offer, the raw cake is better. This raw cake has what the ripe pu-erh has but more. It's has a more rustic, slightly smoked, earthy aroma that is just wonderful. It tastes more dimensional than the ripened tea and is really grounding. I feel more connected to everything after drinking this tea. It's just an amazing experience. Lastly, it seems to have less of the "animal farm" smell/taste than the ripened pu-erh has that many people find off-putting. That never bothered me as I truly love both of your pu-erh offerings.
Shunji Mingcha - Impressed 05/19/2015
By Jorge (Naucalpan)
I have not tried them all of them yet, but so far the one that has impressed me the most is the Pu-erh. Because of its low price I thought it was going to be a good but unremarkable tea, I was so wrong, it is delicious. I love it’s earthy flavour, especially in the morning.

Now I have this feeling that I should have bought more, I’m going to run out of it very soon.
Shunji Mingcha - Amazing 05/05/2015
By Kiyani (Bolton)
This tea is amazing as are all the other teas from this website. I will be ordering this tea again as this tea is very good quality black tea and I have enjoyed all the various teas I have ordered from you.