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Biluochun Tea

Dongting AAA Grade - The best 10/14/2017
By  Margareta (Woodville South)
This is the best tea. I love the flavour which is slightly nutty. I add the tea to hot water as was recommended. Since I drink my tea each morning before breakfast, thsi one gives me a lift to start the day. I will be buying this one again.
Zhejiang AAA Grade - Truly Wonderful 05/03/2017
By Tendesai (Bristol)
I love the aroma of this tea. To me it's quite earthy with a subtle hint of herbs.

Working out how to brew it is still a work in progress, though. I've been experimenting with water temperature and I think I've settled somewhere around 70 - 80 degrees celsius.

I'm also playing with the amount of leaves I use and how long I allow it to steep. I don't think I've quite got it all right yet but I'm still working on it because it's delicious and I can tell I'm on the cusp of having a truly wonderful tea.
Zhejiang AAA Grade - Good 07/07/2016
By Robert (Pearl River)
Tea is very good. I am enjoying it. Thanks
Zhejiang AAA Grade - Excellent 05/24/2016
By Timothy (Neenah)
This is a superb tea, with great flavor and after feeling.
Zhejiang AAA Grade - Full of taste 03/23/2016
By Kevin (Douglas)
Worth the money. A fullness of taste that I never had with any other tea brand.
Zhejiang AAA Grade - Beautiful 11/12/2015
By Jane
A lovely tea, and very good value - it needs only a very small amount, maybe a half-teaspoon's worth in 150ml water for three steeps. Delicately high, sweet taste, and a fantastic aroma from the wet leaves. As with all Julian's teas, the leaves and buds are very high quality and very beautiful. I find Biluochun a little bit fussy - it's easy to overleaf or oversteep - and slightly cooler water with short steeps of 20-30 seconds works best for me. A few cups of this in the morning makes me feel very clear-headed for the rest of the day.
Zhejiang AAA Grade - Wonderful 01/10/2015
By Brenda (Estevan)
As always, Julian, my days begin with your tea. It is always wonderful. I think I'd give it 4.5 - only because it's not my favourite.
Dongting AAA Grade 09/21/2014
By Rodney (Saint Paul)
The Anji Baicha, Biluochun, Wuyi and Tieguanying Oolong teas are a delight.

I rotate the teas at breakfast time. I steep the teas in a porcelain pot that holds two or three mugs. I steep at 180° F. I steep it three times.

This is probably not a good Chinese method and I am probably missing something. It works for me. I enjoy the aroma and the taste.

The first pot is for me while I read the morning newspaper. The second two pots go in a pitcher in the refrigerator for iced tea in the summer and I drink it in the late afternoon and evening.

I really like the Anji Baicha and the Dongtin Bilouchun, both a 5.
Zhejiang AAA Grade - Awesome 02/22/2014
By Ola (Stathelle)
Been drinking the tea for some time now :)

I've tryed Bilouchoun and Maofeng which are pretty awesome.

This is my second order from you and will stock on it all the time from now on :)
Zhejiang AAA Grade - So good! 02/22/2014
By Les (Exeter)
What a kick to the start to the day. It's true they say, "you only get what you pay for". Such good quality, so refreshing. marvellous.