Huangshan Maofeng Tea - Reviews

Huangshan Maofeng Tea

A Grade - Great tea 04/17/2020
By Miro Protrka
This is a very good every day green tea, and for this price it is just unbeatable :)
A Grade - Fantastic aroma 12/30/2018
By Paul (Kennett Sq)
Fantastic aroma with a spring field, straw, lemon verbena, asparagus taste that ends with a light creamy smokiness to it. Gaiwan brewing with 2-3g 80-100ml 90c light infusions to keep it more to the verbena taste, over-brewing makes it astringent and overpowering killing the delicate taste I'm after.
AAA Grade - Highly recommend 07/10/2017
By Arthur (Mentor)
I think the 2017 AAA grade is even better than 2016. More flavorful and intense, good for 3 steepings. My second favorite green tea, I highly recommend it.
A Grade - A story of tea 01/14/2017
By Annmary (Georgetown)
I love the flavour of the Huangshan Maofeng tea, and am amazed that it can be so economical! Recently, I got sick with a flu that took away my appetite, even for tea, for two weeks. When my desire for tea returned, I brewed up some of this tea, and noticed something special: I had been feeling quite low, and could not get rid of a headache. As soon as I had drunk my tea, I was conscious of an all over gentle uplift, and my headache medication started to work. Having gone without tea for a period, I believe that I was like a clean slate, as it were, and keenly noticed the great benefit and after-feeling of drinking my green tea! As a bonus, I can always make 3 good infusions, even with this economical tea, w! hich does not go bitter, even when left to brew longer than normally.
A Grade - Like it 12/19/2016
By Frank (Dhs)
I like this tea. It tastes harsher than Moli Jinzhen, not as smooth. The flavor doesn't linger as long as Moli and not as calming.
A Grade - Good stuff 10/01/2016
By James (Honolulu)
Always great value. Thank you Julian and team.

Where else are you going to get such good tea delivered right to your door?

Occasionally I buy some of the more expensive green teas because I want to learn more about the varieties and tastes.
Anyway, this is great daily tea for me and I always like to ask guests if they'd like to enjoy a cup of tea with me and people never fail to enjoy.
AA Grade - Love your tea! 10/01/2016
By Hamssa (Manchester)
Absolutely love the green tea I got! The quality is superb!! Thank you so much! Will definitely purchase again.
A Grade - One stop shopping 08/20/2016
By James (Honolulu)
My One-Stop shopping for the best green tea in the world. Many different green teas to choose from. Some Less expensive, some a little bit more. But definitely the best tasting and most uplifting green tea I've been able to get anywhere. I'm a return and committed loyal customer.

Great tea. I get this one because I like to drink a lot of green tea and this puts it more at my affordability level.

I boil 2 cups of water in the microwave and then steep 3g's tea for about 7 minutes. I like it a little strong/astringent. I then pour it over ice and have it for the rest of the day or until i need to make more.

(I know it sacrilege to ice it down but its hot where I live and often goes down better cold--I drink it hot too).

I like the aroma of this tea--assertive roasted green tea goodness. Steeps to a golden yellow and makes you feel fine.
Always good teas from Julian and his friends at the amazing green tea web site.
A Grade - Good tea 06/07/2016
By Arthur (Mentor)
The Huangshan Maofeng is quite good, though I still think the A grade has superior flavor. I just use more of the AA grade and it is very nice.
A Grade - Value 05/24/2016
By Timothy (Neenah)
This tea is delicious as well as being a great value. I have ordered the larger quantity for it's value. It is one of my favorite teas.