Tieguanyin Wang Tea - King Grade - Reviews

Tieguanyin Wang Tea - King Grade

King 1 - Just how Julian described it 05/05/2016
By Pierre-Alain (Versegeres)
He said that his palate stays sweet for as long as 4 hours after drinking and I can say that mine stayed like that until I ate again 7 hours later and the day after I wasn't sure if it was my imagination or a true feeling but I still had the taste of peach (and not any peach, for me the best kind) mixed with violets flowers that this wonderful tea was building in the back of my mouth. Great tea.
King 1 - Real McCoy 08/14/2015
By James (Niagara Falls)
I cannot believe my mouth has experienced something so wonderful as this. Not only my mouth, but my mind and body get multiple waves of relaxation long after it hits my gullet. This tea is not a tea-on-the-go kind of tea. You really need to mindfully set out to drink this all day to get it's full effects. I usually get up to 6 infusions easy. The last two I let steep covered for about 10 or more minutes.
King 1 - Excellent 01/10/2015
By Stig (Copenhagen)
The Moli Fengyan is fine, as always! (Though I personally don't drink it often, it is my wife's cup of tea).

The Tieguanyin Wang is excellent, particularly no. 1 (I have only tasted no. 1 and 5 till now). Rating 5!
King 2 - Very pleasant 01/10/2015
By Ralph (Bronx)
Very light and smooth taste. I have tried quite a few and this is a very pleasant blend. It hold itself very well through multiple steeping at 190ยบ. I would definitely purchase again.
King 1 - Will order again 11/19/2013
By Nanette (Boston)
The tea was excellent. I drank it all. I will order it again. For now I am going to order jasmine green tea from you. I hear it makes a good fermented

The tea came fast. I received it in only two weeks I think - very fast.
King Grades - Beautiful tea! 02/19/2012
By Igor (Chelyabinsk)
Your Tieguanyn King 1 and 2 are just perfect! I have never tasted such Tieguanyin!

Thank you very much for introducing me with a such beautiful tea.

I have not tasted a lot your Dragon Well Jipin yet, because it is a summer tea. We have just now -20 C. So it is not time for Dragon Well!;).

Your Dahongpao AAA Grade is very good but I like less roasted teas like Tieguanyin, Dragon Well, Taiwan oolongs (Dayuling, Li Shan, Dong Din,etc).

I would rate the Tieguanyin 5 out of 5!
King 1 - Highly recommended 09/25/2011
By Bev (Australia)
Beautiful tea. One to drink any time of the day. I just love these teas and highly recommend them to anyone who loves a good cup of tea, or someone just trying them out.
King 2 - Awesome! 03/18/2011
By Neilo (California)
The Tieguanyin Wang (King 2) is AWESOME! I shared it with my girlfriend and she will be placing an order of King 1, 2, & 5 any time now.

I will rate it 5+, and more!
King 1 - Savoring every sip 08/15/2010
By Simon (Nottingham)
This tea is exceptionally good, the equal of anything I have had in the best restaurants in Shenzhen or from the best-known teashop in Suzhou. It's a great pleasure for me to be able to find tea of this quality in the West for the first time.

The osmanthus fragrance is very unusual! I don't know if you are into Chinese poetry but osmanthus always seems to me highly evocative of Southern China - it's mentioned frequently by Li Qingzhao (Ching Chao) for one. It's a delightful plant which is not grown enough in the UK!

I look forward to ordering from you again.