Yunnan Gold Tea (Dian Hong) - Reviews

Yunnan Gold Tea (Dian Hong)

AAA Grade - Lovely flavour 09/13/2020
By Ann (Georgetown)
Although I mostly like to drink green tea, or else oolong in the morning, I wanted to try the Yunnan Gold as another dark tea option. I am so happy that I tried it. The liquor is a beautiful orange-y colour, the taste is mellow and lovely, and the tea certainly gave me multiple infusions. The long golden leaves, in the dry form, look very unique, as is the flavour. Repeat infusions that still have good flavour certainly represent great value in a tea purchase. I am very happy to be able to access teas of such high quality here. I used 3 grams in an infuser, in a tall glass mug that revealed the beautiful colour of this tea. I am new to this tea, and so am still learning about the steeping. Very happy with thi! s purchase.
AAA Grade - Cut above 09/13/2020
By Stephen
Worth the wait. Very smooth and enjoyable. A cut above the teas that I have been drinking. A very pleasant taste. Thank you.
AAA Grade - High quality 04/18/2019
By Jake (Anaheim)
I received it thank you!. I drank the last of my Yunnan gold tea right before it came. I notice that Ive grown fond of it. Even after the 5th steeping it still has some fragrant and flavor. Its quite wonderful. I should have ordered one of those along the Tielouhan, but I suppose I will have to get it next time. Most black teas I know are usually very shriveled or very dark looking like the keemun. The leaves are very different and reminds me of silver needle, similar leaves/buds? I enjoyed it very much. It is very high quality i think.
AAA Grade - Best at reasonable price 03/18/2018
By Paul (Kennett Sq)
Great aroma and mellow tasting black tea that stays with you. The best Yunnan black I have had buy far and at a reasonable price, it is Golden. After years of top grade Darjeeling teas as my morning pick, I'm starting to use this one now as a substitute or to go side by side with a Jungpana .
AAA Grade - Excellent 09/30/2017
By Kaletta (Fort Jones)
The first time I ever tried anything beyond what I have always used. I went by Julian's description and was very pleased. Not at all disappointed.
AAA Grade - Definitely recommended 11/25/2012
By Nasar (Bolton)
Nice high quality tea. Taste is very good for black tea.

Thanks and would definitely recommend.
AAA Grade - Lovely flavour and aroma 10/20/2012
By Anonymous
Looked great and smelled great in the packet.

Lovely flavour and aroma in the cup.
AAA Grade - Mellow and soothing 09/15/2012
By Stig (Copenhagen)
The Yunnan Gold Tea 2012 has now become my favourite morning tea with its wonderful mellowness and soothing, long lasting character!

So I just ordered another 150 g.
AAA Grade - Wonderful 08/25/2012
By Margareta (Sweden)
A wonderful tea, with honey after-tones lingering in the nose. To drink in small beautiful cups as it is brewed, nothing added. Maybe one or two petit fours of almonds (macarons) to nibble on the side. A tea to enjoy with dear tea-loving friends. (^.^)
AAA Grade - Meet the gold standard 07/15/2012
By Raetta (Gardena-California)
This is truly the best black tea I've ever tasted. It is even wonderful iced.

I orderded two more packs. Thank you Julian