Moli Jinzhen Tea - Reviews

Moli Jinzhen Tea

AAA Grade - Best green tea 06/25/2020
By Kaletta (Fort Jones)
In my opinion this is the best green tea available and I have been orddering the Moli Jinzhen for a number of years. But, I have yet to receive my paid for order of 2 months ago so I really don't know how to rate this transaction.
AAA Grade - Excellent 04/17/2020
By Miro Protrka
I knew what I was ordering. Wonderful tea for a bargain price! Recommend!
AAA Grade - Great 04/17/2020
By Charles O'Connor
This is exceptional tea at a reasonable price.
AAA Grade - THE Best Jasmine Tea EVER 04/17/2020
By Carine
I am NOT a green tea lover, but I ADORE this jasmine tea! I first had jasmine tea at Chinese restaurants and fell in love but I didn’t realize it was GREEN tea I had tried drinking green tea for all its health benefits, but couldn’t enjoy any of them when I found out jasmine tea was made with green tea, I was hooked and after trying many brands, this Moli Jenzhen AAA is by far the most flavorful, floral, soothing and BEST jasmine tea around! I buy 3 packs at a time ( and such a great value) so as not to run out, since I drink it daily I know I’m helping my body while enjoying a comforting beverage You MUST try this one you won’t be disappointed!!!
AAA Grade - Best 12/30/2018
By Paul (Kennett Sq)
You have 2 of the best Jasmine teas I ever had and there is a lot of them on my shelf.

Moli Jinzhen The best Jasmine I ever had, this one is best when I have time to enjoy several cups in succession. I use 2-3g in a Gaiwan with 90c water 90ml and steep for 15-20 seconds working up. Four cups with this method the best of Jasmines.
AAA Grade - Best tea 04/25/2018
By Margareta (Woodville South)
I found that you need a very small amount of this tea as too much gives the resulting cup a very strong flavour.
AAA Grade - Great deal 04/14/2018
By Lincoln (Spring)
Great deal for the money. Fresh and clean . Great taste and aroma. Refreshing, relaxing feeling after a cup. I really enjoy having a cup on a daily basis. THANKS!
AAA grade - Excellent taste 10/29/2017
By Arwen (Beaverton)
The teas I ordered all taste wonderful. The descriptions provided helped me choose and were very accurate. I will order again!
AAA Grade - 5 stars 07/10/2017
By Brett
A bit pricey, but simply the very best jasmine tea available!
AAA Grade - Love it 05/23/2017
By Mary (Avondale)
It's truly a cut above all the other jasmine green I have tried. I have 2-3 cups every AM and I'm good to go. I'd be interested in high quality decaf jasmine green.

I brew my tea in a gravity tea infuser. It gives me 2-3 cups of great tea.