Baihao Yinzhen Tea - Reviews

Baihao Yinzhen Tea

Jipin Grade - Excellent 06/27/2021
By Jari (Helsinki)
Just wanted to give some feedback as the Baihao Yinzhen is excellent! I’ve been ordering nice tea from you probably over 10 years now, and I would say this goes easily to the top three. Such a full flavor and finesse.
Jipin Grade - Very good 04/17/2020
By Juan Colon
The tea is deliciious, very good. The value for money is reasonable. I am satisfied very much.
Jipin Grade - Favourite tea 04/17/2020
By Paul Reinert
This is the best tea I have ever had. I have tried many white teas from all over.
Jipin Grade - 2016 best of all 09/13/2018
By Paul ( Kennett Sq)
I keep drinking the 2016 Silver Needle White Tea I got from on the last order (a reorder) and think this tea is the best of all with it's taste and how one feels afterward. Like drinking velvet with a melon taste at the end and a beautiful smell to it.

I prefer to drink this one by itself or sometimes with a spring Darjeeling, the fruity taste of that tea goes well with yours as a compliment. Green tea even (Tai Ping) with it seems bitter by comparison.
Jipin Grade - Hope for more 06/14/2017
By Ralph (Ketchum)
Am enjoying the tea very much and hoping some more in the future.
Jipin Grade - Enjoyed it 05/23/2017
By Bob (Newport)
I enjoyed my first serving of Baihao Yinzhen today and it was quite good. I notice that these leaves tend to sink into the water better than some of the previous years did. Maybe fewer fine hair-like growths on them? I don't like to have leaves floating on the surface when I drink the tea so I take a chopstick and kind
of smash the air out of them against the side of the cup and this lets them sink. I would rate this tea 4.5 (leaving room for an even better harvest - if it ever comes).
Jipin Grade - Recommended 05/15/2017
By Kate
Very delicate taste, but cold brewing brings it out. Highly recommended!
Jipin Grade - Simply beautiful 05/03/2017
By Tendesai (Bristol)
This tea is simply beautiful and exceeded all of my expectations! I'm a great fan of white tea and this is one of my favourite ones. The flavour is delicate and light both in taste and colour and its one of the most soothing white teas I've come across in a long time. I also really like the fact that I can reuse the same needles several times without losing taste and that I don't need too many needles in my pot to get the flavour. Definitely the best value tea I've bought in a long time. Thank you very much!
Jipin Grade - Sharpen my mind 09/03/2016
By David (Winnipeg)
Just wanted to let you know I continue to enjoy your fine quality tea even though I don't generally provide reviews anymore as I have tasted most of them. It really is a great pleasure to drink your teas every day, and both myself and my father (who orders from you as well) enjoy them immensely. We are both very glad to have found your company and will continue to support you by ordering our tea only from you.

I can say that I had not tried your Baihao Yinzhen tea before this last order, and that was the selection I picked to drink first. Although the distinctive taste took a few days to get used to, once that happened, I really began to enjoy it. I have been drinking it at work mid-morning and mid-afternoon and really do find that it sharpens my mind, helps me focus and give me energy without any jittery caffeine-style effects. A very nice tea with a sweet aftertaste on the tongue that lingers quite a while. I always look forward to drinking it each day.
Jipin Grade - Interesting! 08/03/2016
By Erand (Tirana)
I have been trying many white tea variations around the market and I could say from my experience that mainly they are similar, both taste and color.

However, your tea is quiet different and strange, but hey, in a positive way...It gives you a smooth relaxation and a veryyyy little of head turning but which is nice and interesting...

I will order again but please make sure to keep shipping free :)