Anji Baicha Tea - Reviews

Anji Baicha Tea

AAA Grade - Fresh and tasty 04/17/2020
By Adrian Alvarado
From the time I order to the time of delivery was reasonable. The tea was fresh and tasty and worth the value. I will definitely order again.
AAA Grade - Very good 06/16/2018
By Etienne (St-Christophe-d'Arthabaska)
I received the tea, thank you so much! It is true that this year's Anji Baicha is very good! I would rate the tea 5 on 5. It is very sweet and subtle, with no bitterness even if I let the leaves soak in my glass all day.
AAA Grade - Lovely 10/14/2017
By Margareta (Woodville South)
This is a lovely mild tea which is drinkable any time of the day. I like to have it first thing in the morning before breakfast. I only use two pinches as I like my tea weak.
AAA Grade - A delicate and calming tea 01/14/2017
By Annmary (Georgetown)
This tea brews up with a very clear and delicate looking liquor, that has a beautiful flavour! It makes me happy to think of the health benefits from the high theanine content, and I get at least three delicious infusions, that never go bitter, as with every tea that I have tried from this website. Often, to "stretch" a tea, once the flavour is fading, I will still brew it for a fourth time, but will add an herbal ingredient, so that flavour is pronounced again. With these high quality tea leaves, I trust that they are still giving out some nutrients, as I brew on in this manner.
AAA Grade - Exceptional 01/14/2017
By Richard (Kailua)
Got the teas about 2 weeks after order. Really enjoy both teas as usual. I would rate both teas (Anji Baicha and Longjing) as exceptional and 5 out of 5 !
AAA Grade - Sleep well 01/08/2017
By Marlene (Huntington Beach)
Thank you for your superior quality teas. I love the Anji Baicha Tea. I have it every evening. The health benefits are wonderful and I sleep very well . It gives me a sharp clear mind. I haven't
Yet opened the rest of my order but I'm looking forward to experience these other great teas.
AAA Grade - Delicious! 04/19/2016
By Ken (Barbados)
I just tasted the order I received this morning: IT IS DELICIOUS! My Thanks to You and Your Group in China!
AAA Grade - Light fresh and delcious 01/06/2016
By Rosa (Wahiawa)
Tea arrived sooner than expected, well packaged and delicately enclosed in a nice bag. Using the tea was easy however steeping took a bit longer than expected. A small amount goes a long way and is light, fresh and delicious to the taste.
AAA Grade - Heavenly 12/22/2015
By Jane
A beautiful Anji Baicha - the unfurled leaves steeping in my small gaiwan are whole and lovely, and the taste of the tea is heavenly. A very refreshing and calming tea - I prefer to make it more-or-less GongFu style with short steeps, and enjoy it a little at a time.
AAA Grade - Favorite for relaxation 11/20/2015
By Ken (Verdun)
I am a customer of Amazing Green Tea for some years now. I wouldn't buy from anywhere else. I trust this Supplier and Julian is very Friendly!

I love green tea, I drink 3-4 cups a day, sometimes more. My Favorites are: Anji Baicha and Longjing Jipin Grade. But, I drink them in different times: if I want to relax, I drink Anji Baicha Tea, even in the evening. If I am going to work I drink Longjing, replacing coffee.

These are my preferences. Enjoy Green Tea!