Longjing Tea - Reviews

Longjing Tea

AAA Grade - High Quality 06/25/2020
By John (McKinleyville)
Best Longjing I’ve purchased online! One of my favorite green
teas. Buttery flavor lasts through several infusions.
AAA Grade - Outstanding 04/17/2020
By Gregory Basting
Longjing tea was outstanding. Highly recommended
AAA Grade - Smoothest and best 04/25/2018
By Janie (Plainfiled)
By far the smoothest and best tasting Green Tea I've ever had. Although usually sensitive to caffeine, I'm finding this tea doesn't negatively impact my sleep. It's expensive! but I'll continue to buy and just treat myself occasionally to this delightful tea.
4-in-1 Sampler - Like it 04/25/2018
By Margareta (Woodville South)
I really like the option to try different teas without buying a large amount.
AAA Grade - Amazing 02/18/2018
By Janis (Monroe)
Delicious! It's clean, smooth and a real treat to drink. I am sensitive to caffeine but can fall asleep after a cup of this "amazing" green tea. it is expensive, so I limit my use to once a day.
B Grade - Really great 02/16/2018
By James
Really great stuff for sure. Well worth the price. You will not taste anything like this from store-bought tea.
4-in-1 Sampler - Great experience 01/09/2018
By Matt
Great tea and great customer service. I would definitely recommend this company and the dragon well tea.
A Grade - Nicer than its grade 01/02/2018
By Kristi (Reno)
This is a very nice example of Long Jing tea. It is not the cheapest you can find, but it is of a higher quality than many out there costing the same. Lovely tea - highly recommended.
B Grade - Great for everyday drinking 01/02/2018
By Kristi (Reno)
Excellent tea for the price. Great for everyday drinking. Highly recommended seller.
4-in- Sampler - Best brand in 10 years 11/20/2017
By Richard (Milwood)
I loved the tea! I am a big fan of Green Tea and have been drinking it now for at least 10 years. I have tried many brands and yours is the best!