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Wuyi Yancha

Wuyi Yancha
7-in-1 Sampler - Fantastic
Fantastic sample range would order again.
Wuyi Yancha
7-in-1 Sampler - High quality but an acquired taste
I haven't managed (yet) to get a taste for rock oolongs - from the look and feel of the tea I think these are high quality, but rock oolongs have such a very strong and unusual taste and aroma that I think I'll have to try different steeping methods, and return to them a few times to get a proper appreciation of them.
Wuyi Yancha
7-in-1 Sampler - Great opportunity to try
It's nice to have this opportunity to try all oolongs Julian has to offer. Still didn't have time to try them all, but quality is just fine (I already had ordered from different sites in Europe and local shops) and most often better I get in Europe.

One of the biggest surprises for me - was Huang Guanyin Tea (Yellow Goddess). I'm huge fan of taste of Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess), but it's aroma is nice. So this oolong, with complemented and deeper palate is just right.

Anxi or Da Hong Pao are my long time favorites and they deliver well.

Great opportunity to choose what you liked the most after this trial package :)
Wuyi Yancha
7-in-1 Sampler - Shuixian my favorite!
4.5 out of 5 for overall quality to value ratio.

I have tried almost all of them except the Lapsang Souchong at this point.

My favorite was the Shuixian (I like the heavy roast), with the Tieluohan and the the Shuijingui right behind.

the Dahongpao was ok. I was a bit disappointed in the depth and longevity of it with it being the "higher" class version.

Same with the Rougui.

The Huang Guanyin I tried last night and it was interesting. Not sure its my style. I dont care for the the honeysuckle flavor profile in the background that comes from the Tieguanyin I suppose.

I would definitely order any of the first three I mentioned again though.

Very Nice Shuixian, Tieluohan and Shuijingui.

Shuixian AAA grade: 4.5 out of 5. Nice depth and re-steeping longevity

Tieluohan AA Grade: 4 out of 5

Shuijingui AA Grade 4 out of 5

Dahongpao AAA Grade: 3.5 out of 5. Good taste but didn't last last over multiple steeps.
Wuyi Yancha
7-in-1 Sampler - Prefer Wuyi black tea
3 stars for the wuyi oolong teas and 5 stars for the wuyi black tea, together I give 4 stars.

At the moment I prefer the "green" oolong teas such as the Tieguanyin.
Wuyi Yancha
7-in-1 Sampler - Wonderful!
Wow! I thought the only tea I could drink was Jasmine green tea. And the Jasmine tea you sell is fantastic!

However, now that I've been introduced to the Wuyi sampler, I have finally found a way out of just drinking the Jasmine tea.

I love the roasted oolong teas! Believe it or not, my favorites were the Tieluohan and the Dahongpao teas.

I've already purchased more of the Tieluohan. I liked the fire, the after taste, and the sense of well-being after drinking this tea.

I would describe the Dahongpao as 'very smooth'.

The only oolongs I have had were in the Chinese restaurants. The Wuyi oolongs taste nothing like the restaurant teas. They are wonderful! And your suggestion to drink these teas in the colder months was sound advice.
Wuyi Yancha
7-in-1 Sampler - 4 out of 5
The varieties are very nice and refreshing. Will order more next week. My rating 4/5.
Wuyi Yancha
7-in-1 Sampler - My ratings
As promised; I have just finished sampling your Wuyi 7-in-1 Sampler Rock Teas. In order for my ratings:

- Tieluohan (5)
- Dahongpao (5)
- Shuixian (4.5)
- Shuijingui(4)
- Rougui (4)
- Baijiguan (3.5)
- Huang Guanyin (3.5)

Temperature 195degF
Infusion times 15-25sec
Weights were 3-3.3grams
Wuyi Yancha
7-in-1 Sampler - Exceptional
I started "up the ladder" as you suggested in order of quality and noticed right away that I had ordered some exceptional tea! The AAA grades are very good, especially the Dahongpao! The Huang Guanyin is very nice, while the Tielohan didn't blew me away.

I would rate the samplers something like 4.0 or 4.5, since there do exist higher grades and I haven't drunk them.

Keep with your product, it is great.
Wuyi Yancha
7-in-1 Sampler - What an awesome experience!
I definitely give the Wuyi 7-in-1 a 5+ out of 5 rating.

I started "up the ladder" as you suggested going in order of quality and noticed right away with the first sample that I had ordered some exceptional tea. Of course, the aroma of the brew hit me first. I wasn't convinced yet though, for I have had tea with a delicious aroma but a disappointing flavor.

But, as soon as I sipped yours, I was amazed at how it tasted and how it lingered in my mouth after I swallowed. I was even more amazed that even at the fifth steeping, I was still having an outstanding cup of tea.

Normally I'm happy if I can squeeze out three. I couldn't believe I was even getting up to six and seven cups with about 3 grams! Never had done that before.

Best of all, it made me feel so good as I sipped each cup. I am experimenting with multiple on-line resources but, so far, have gotten the best quality with yours. I will soon be ordering more...of everything!